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Aton Bridges

1213 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ben Chartoff , Aton Bridges 1213 days ago
At Unblight Unconference, I pledge..... 
  • We don't have the power to make big policy changes, but can focus on:
  • media partnerships, publish pictures and names of owners of blighted properties
  • Code enforcement, make a searchable database of open cases by area/ type etc.
Cristina Garmendia:
  • Making a self service model for her platform (OpportunitySpace)
  • Provide inexpensive model for cities to build their own website
  • Mini pledge:
  • If Paula sends her a This Land is Your Land paper sign, she will post it and photograph it in her own work
Lauren Hood:
  • Thinking about bolstering people's spirits
Tina Fassett:
  • Say good things about Macon and GA
Tim Regan-Porter:
  • Make Unblight an annual conference, reduce duplication of effort
Peg Jones:
  • Tell friends who couldn't go to conference about it
  • Learn more about how to use technical tools
Paula Segal:
  • Give her 596 Acres sign to a Macon-ite (Jay Black took it)
Jay Black:
  • Will take This Land is Your sign to different locations around the country and photograph it, post them to a tumblr etc.
Anton Bridges:
  • Attend the next Transparency Camp
  • Continue to be a big part of pushing Macon housing collaborative together

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