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1207 days ago
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Josephine B The Session Suggestions from the Blight Conference.
Here are transcripts from the many suggestion cards people submitted during the two-day Blight Conference. When possible names have been added.
  • The role of business in addressing blight (?)
  • How can we systematically shrink out cities down to size (Adam Ragusea)
  • Do we have all the tools we need? (Matt H.)
  • How can cities bring techies, government reps, practitioners and advocates together to sort out tools and the inevitable politics that accompany them? (Anna Levy)
  • Converting non-techies to tech tools, impossible. foolish or…..(Cristina Garmendia)
  • Community Land Trust (Heather Seltzer)
  • What policy changes in government laws could make a difference for low-income families to prevent blight? (?)
  • Dealing with legal issues as it relates to blight (Charlotte Woody)
  • Have enforcement and signage been addressed (?)
  • What to do after control is established (?)
  • Is rental property always bad for a neighborhood? How can we help students, single parents, or retirees who can’t qualify for mortgages? (?)
  • Best practices for collecting survey data and using it in modeling and prioritization (Tamara Manik-Perlman)
  • Ways to return blighted areas to the tax base (Bobby Gerhardt)
  • Displacement
  • Demo no more, alternative to knocking down blighted homes
  • What to do with open spaces after demolition (Charles Richardson)
  • Are there any quick wins , however small, that can energize government officials and residents so the job of eliminating blight doesn’t seem so overwhelming?
  •  Need to define code deficient, dilapidated blight
  • Managing commercial development or re-use of existing commercial structures
  • Measuring success/impact of blight initiatives (Cristina Garmendia)
  • How do we know this works? Data-driven evaluation of anti-blight strategies (Matt Conway)
  • Shrinking the city’s neighborhoods (Everett Verneer)
  • How do we know this works? Quantitative evaluation of housing rehabilitation (Matt Conway)
  • Ways to cure the blight and ways to re-develop it afterwards (Bobby Gerhardt)
  • How do commercial considerations contribute to blight and how might commercial interests be engaged to help mitigate blight? (Dave Oedel)
  • Why does it take so long to remove blighted homes? Let’s talk solutions and streamlining. (JR Olive)
  • How to address root causes of blight.
  • Blight as a slur and a legal term (Paula Segal)
  • What is blight? Creating a definition shared by the community. (Andrew Haeg)
  • Public or private or both? Who should take the lead in city revitalization projects, and can public-private investments work? (Meg Mirshak)
  • How do you create mixed income desirable neighborhoods that include former residents too? Raise property values without driving original residents out who can’t afford higher taxes. (Sandy Hudson)
  • How to use sticks and carrots to affect change?
  • Commercial development: Why isn’t there more use of existing abandoned commercial property rather than the building of new developments? (Sherrie Marshall)
  • Law enforcement to prevent blight from occurring in the first place
  • Property ratings systems
  • Funding mechanisms to purchase blighted property
  • Funding sources
  • Taking property: Getting control of property all have abandoned (John Baker)
  • Public Spaces/Parks and Blight. What’s the relationship between blight and public spaces? How can public spaces affect blight, address blight, and help people experiencing blight? (Andrew Silver)
  • The process behind starting your own “Motor City Mapping” project in your city. What to expect when re-habbing your own vacant property. Stories and process from my rehab. (Shea Fredrick)
  • Blight mitigating activity suggestions (Angela Manson)
  • Creative ways to stop people from littering. (Josephine Bennett)
  • Redevelopment or Undevelopment. How can we shrink the developed footprint of our city to match our population? (Adam Ragusea)
  • Methods of bringing low-tech residents into data-driven conversation’s (like blexting). What other data on city services or gaps can be monitored or derived from blight mapping efforts at little extra cost? Blight mapping education and schools: Role for tech in mitigating educational fallouts from changing neighborhood. (Anna Levy)
  • Ferguson, what is the relationship between law enforcement, housing migration patterns, and can data be used to track likelihood and prevent likelihood of blight (Karen from Sunlight)
  • How to include all residents without being offensive to some.
  • What is the role of students in removing blight from a neighborhood? (Joey Wozniak)
  • Lowering the barriers to engagement. Talking to the whole community.
  • Mechanisms control over land use decisions (Paula Segal)
  • Local blight mapping (Nadia Osman)
  • Getting community buy-in for tech solutions (Lauren from Loveland)
  • Tech Tools Voltron or there’s a lot of overlap in what we’re doing – what are the opportunities for collaboration instead of duplication and competition given scarce resources. (Tamara Manik-Perlman)
  • Appropriate technology for community engagement (Tamara Manik-Perlman)
  • Creative ways to combat blight with smaller funding, less than $10,000. (Alex Leahy)
  • Topic – Opportunities other than demolition/Funding (Charlotte Woody)
  • Small steps to solving blight *Using scientific, social theory and knowledge and research for decision-making and redevelopment projects in Macon. What does research show about the social/health benefits of putting certain types of buildings, and facilities in specific areas to community wellbeing and health? How can we get more facilities like YMCA’s into blighted areas? Environmentally sustainable revitalization – incorporating recycling and energy saving into building plans and un-blight efforts
  • Success stories. What made it work? (Matt Hamper)
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