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Blight Tech Tools 101
znanfuka@sunlightfoundation.com If there is a repetitive task that can be done by technology, then let tech make it easy for you.
San Francisco street-use permits:
OpenRefine  - http://openrefine.org/ 
for excel spreadsheets
Google refine - cleans up data
It's free and available for Mac and windows
You can sign up for a free account
Upload your excel file
Use the map tab - georeference your data
Select have one or more columns with the address (works well when you don't have a street number)
You can select what you want shown on the map too
You can also select themes
Share options you can embed and export the map as well
http://buildinginspector.nypl.org/  - lets you correct property shapes
Like the wikipedia of maps
Let's you add areas and edit existing ones
Opencorporates.com - http://opencorporates.com/ 
An open database of the corporate world
Dedupe.datamade.us - http://dedupe.datamade.us/
Upload spreadsheets and identifies deduplicates
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