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Rebecca Williams

1214 days ago
Hey Unblight Unconference Attendees! 
Check out the Unblight Unconference Schedule HERE. Also don't forget to tweet using #UnblightUnconf
Use the following links to a shared pad to take notes collaboratively for each session: 
Session -1 -A- Creative Reuses of Blighted Properties  https://hackpad.com/Session-1a-rDaQ9GVJdHU
Session 1 -B- Policy Reforms to Deal with Blight (Eminent Domain/ Community vs. Private) https://hackpad.com/Session-1b-VqVsTIp8Z1f
Session 2 -A- Better Data to Measure and Predict Blight and Vacancy https://hackpad.com/Session-2a-eexrQ0aGEE2
Session 2 -B- No Money, Mo' Problems (How to combat Blight with the money and resouces you have)  https://hackpad.com/Session-2b-fjAzIsE5kRb
Session 3 -A- Tech Tools that Could Work (new tools, success stories) https://hackpad.com/Session-3a-xy96pOuDHC0
Session 3 -B- Blight: It's a Community Problem (how do we engage everyone?) https://hackpad.com/Session-3b-sy0amjecp0Y
1213 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Rebecca Williams , Everett Verner , Debbie Blankenship 1213 days ago
Policy and Legal Solutions to Combat Blight
Rebecca W Community Land Trusts
  • Community Land Trusts 
  •  Existing in Macon?
Everett V
  • East Side Land Trust - Ocmulgee National Park & Preserve
Rebecca W
  • Where would they go? You must own all the land in the trust
  • Village Green?
Habitat for Humanity: more collaborations on neighborhood redevelopment 
  • Looking to College Hill as an example 
Debbie B Need for merger of existing government and quasi-government agencies with similar goals? Can County Commission look at funding one all-encompassing group instead of multiple smaller groups?
Rebecca W Partnerships as policy?
Mayor/Mercer/Housing Authority 
2 Neighborhoods getting all the attention on different models
  • Lynmore aka Peach Orchard 
  • Beall's Hill 
Banks are investing in NewTown (see: http://www.newtownmacon.com/about/board/)
Chat later? Policies to prevent displacement? 
Everett V Partnership is asset management. 
Rebecca W Advocating at the State Level
State Policy -- making sure $ goes to housing and not just economic development 
Example, Hardest Hit Funds, 
Look to what Michigan did w/ their Hardest Hit Funds. 
Planning Policies
Rebecca W
  • Business Improvement Districts 
  • Smart Growth 
Policies for Commercial Blight?
  • Apply Residential Code Enforcement rules locally 
Accountability for Repeat Blight Offenders
  • Letter writing campaign of shame?
Debbie B
  • Media partnership to frequently publish names/pictures of property owners with blighted property similar to Cuffed.
Rebecca W Open [Code Enforcement] Data Policy 
Debbie B
  • Searchable database of open code enforcement cases using public information.
Rebecca W
Debbie B
  • Get raw property ownership data and search for patterns of ownership.
  • Want help email: local@sunlightfoundation.com 
1213 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Rebecca Williams 1213 days ago
Rebecca W What a Map Shouldn't be a Map
  • Slideshow:
  • Notes:
  • Maps often show population trends more than what you're trying to show
  • Discussion on linking to sources!
  • Better analysis, critique from the public
  • Interactive Maps? 
  • "Sometimes looking at very bad things reminds you what not to do"  See http://wtfviz.net/
  • Maps and Story telling; 
  • Bloomberg charts, teacher performance, increased score charts made it look like some schools who didn't have rising scores were doing poorly, but really their scores were high to begin with.. text or video showing the background

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